Pressure-independent 6-way zone valve.
Functional, easy to install, versatile.

The electronic pressure-independent 6-way zone valve from the Belimo ZoneTight™ product family combines the benefits of two tried and tested Belimo valves. The good planning reliability and efficiency of the electronic pressure-independent EPIV valve and the ease of installation of the 6-way characterised control valve. You also benefit from other outstanding properties:

  • Time-saving and safe valve selection in accordance with maximum volumetric flow for each sequence
  • Automatic, permanent hydraulic balancing through the valve
  • Securing the correct amount of water with differential pressure changes and with partial loads
  • Maximum plant safety through integrated pressure relief function (patent pending)
  • Numerous control options, simple commissioning and checks via Near Field Communication (NFC)

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Flyer: Pressure-independent 6-way zone valve (1 MB)

Belimo Applications: Room and zone control (5 MB)

The original – 6-way zone valve from Belimo (1 MB)