Flow Sensors

Reliable measurement of flow plays an important role in maximising HVAC system efficiency and conserving energy. Inline flow sensors from Belimo utilise ultrasonic transit-time technology to provide accurate and repeatable water-flow measurement. Their compact size and insensitivity to dirt make them ideal for use with HVAC chilled water, hot water and water/glycol solutions at temperatures ranging from -20 to 120 °C. The sensors are fabricated from corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring reliable operation and extended product life.



  • Multipoint wet calibrated to ensure accuracy and repeatability.
  • Patented temperature and glycol compensation logic assures accuracy over the whole temperature and glycol concentration range.
  • ±2% accuracy of reading and ±0.5% repeatability ensure accurate and precise flow measurement.
  • Ultra compact size: with a short inlet length of 5 x DN and no output-length requirements, the ultra-sonic flow sensor from Belimo can be installed even where space restrictions are very tight.
  • Low power consumption of 0.5 W saves energy and transformer capacity.


Product Series

Ultrasonic Flow (Volumetric Flow)


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