Temperature Sensors

Temperature is one of the most important measurement values in building control. Accurate and reliable temperature readings are essential for optimal building comfort and energy efficiency. Outdoor air, duct and pipe-temperature sensors are designed for easy installation and are compatible with all major BACS.



  • Variety of output signals, passive NTC and RTD, 0…5 / 10 V, 4…20 mA ensure seamless connection to all major BACS on the market.
  • Up to 8 field-selectable measurement ranges to simplify logistics and reduce stock storage, providing flexibility.
  • Sintered moisture protection coating on all duct, immersion, and cable sensors protects against condensation and mechanical stress and vibrations.


Product Series

Outdoor, Duct averaging, Duct / Immersion, Strap-on, Cable, Frost protection.


Technical Details – Air Temperature Sensors

Technical Details – Water Temperature Sensors